Style Sheets

The key to a good pattern is consistency, and a style sheet will help with that consistency. Once set up they can really help to save time as all of your layout decisions have been made, leaving you free to write your pattern in your own style.

You will have the option of using either, or both of the following .... 

  • English or American terminology and abbreviations
  • English or American abbreviations
  • English or American knitting needle/crochet hook sizes
  • Measurements in Imperial, Metric or both

We will work closely together to create the perfect style sheet for you.

If you would like me to help you create a style sheet for either knitting, crochet or both, please fill out the form below, including either a copy of a recent pattern or an out-line of what you would like to see in your style sheet.  I will reply with a quote within 2 working days.    

I charge a flat rate of £30 GBP/$40 USD each or £40 GBP/$50 USD for both as a package.

Style Sheets
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