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  1. Although knitting is my Number One crafty love, I have other things I like to do too.  My current thing is Pin Looming.  I bought a square loom and a triangular one years ago, but despite several attempts at using them I couldn't get my head round how to set up the warp yarn.  In my frustration I abandoned, and then promptly forgot all about them (as you do!).  I recently found them again and decided to have another go, armed with an excellent book I bought at the Alli Palli last year.  Success!  I now understand how to warp up the square one, and once this is done, basic weaving is easy peasy! 

    I made the sample in the following photos using Aran weight yarn and I'm really pleased with it :o)  I plan to make one using Chunky yarn to compare the two.





    Now to master the trianglular one!  Oooh I have SO many ideas of things to make using these funky little squares!!!

    TTFN xx

  2. On Saturday I went to the Fashion and Textile Museum in London to see their Liberty in Fashion Exhibition which celebrates the 140th anniversary of Liberty London.


    The exhibition charts Liberty's history from the point of view of its unique fabrics, and the beautiful dresses and costumes that were created from it, dating from the 1920s to the present day.



    The stitching on the early items was exquisite and it was hard to believe that it was all done by hand.


    Smocking done by hand and the smallest Doreset Buttons I have ever seen!



    Beautiful attention to detail



    The modern items included shoes made from Liberty fabric


    I totally fell in love this pair by Jimmy Choo and haven't stopped going on about them since!  One day they will be mine - oh yes, they will be mine ;o)  Sigh.......


    I have always loved Liberty fabrics and have an assortment of items adorned in them around the house from cushions to my bedspread and even a pair of slippers, although they are not the aforementioned Jimmy Choos! 


  3. Welcome back to my neglected blog.  I’ve really missed it, so it’s lovely to be back!  The reason for my return is that I gave an amazing workshop on Monday that I just have to share.

    Last October I was approached by The Charleston Trust to see if I would be interested in doing a knitting workshop for them.  Well, if you know me in Real Life then you will know that I love Charleston and all things Bloomsbury, so asking if I was interested was an understatement!  They have been given some Heritage Lottery Funding, some of which they are using for a range of workshops and events to raise awareness of the farmhouse in this its centenary year.


    The brief was to make something that would capture the essence of Charleston using local yarn dyed by local indie dyer Louise from Southdown Yarns.  Her yarn is spun from the fleeces of Southdown sheep raised on the South Downs in Sussex and is absolutely gorgeous.  Using the design painted on the walls of the dining room for inspiration I came up with a bookmark and spectacle case, both made using mitred squares.

    dining room




    I then had to decide who was to attend this special event.  It had to be people that had attended my workshops in the past, so I threw it open to everyone on my newsletter mailing list as a free draw.  The response was overwhelming so I put all of the names in a hat (make that a mixing bowl!) and ‘im indoors picked out 10.



    Monday was a total success and completely exceeded my expectations!  We were made to feel very welcome by Jemma and Lisa.  There was tea and coffee a-plenty, a lovely lunch and tea and cake in the afternoon.  Unfortunately the house was closed for restoration work, so we couldn’t have a tour, but Jemma started off the day with a talk about the people that lived at Charleston, in particular Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell.  After lunch we had a wander round the garden which, despite it being the middle of winter, still looked beautiful.



    It was a fabulous day filled with laughter and chat and of course lots of lovely knitting.  Suffice to say it whizzed past in a flash and before we knew it, it was time to go, but we all went home with lovely memories of a very special day


  4. I seem to be doing more and more on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram these days, so I have decided to use them for my blog-like jottings instead of here.  However Dear Reader, this doesn't mean the end of my blog - oh no not at all!  I shall add the odd tutorial from time to time, so don't stray too far!  In the meantime all of the links to the aforementioned can be found on my home page :o)